Create scientific plots using gnuplot

November 11th, 2012 | 8 Comments

The superb site not so Frequently Asked Questions from Kawano, which I read a lot at the beginning of my gnuplot journey is down at the moment.
Hence I changed the link to a backup mirror.


  1. ben says:

    Any idea why?
    It’s a steadfast for me that site.

  2. Wojtek says:

    I second that, without that website, we’re lost. Is prof. Kawano doing fine?

  3. hagen says:

    I’m in contact with him. He is looking for a solution at the moment. The whole content of the site is save and he is looking for a way to host it.

  4. J A Brown says:

    He really needs to either publish it as a pdf/ebook – or mirror it.

  5. amigniox says:

    I’ve mirrored the contents on my site:
    useful stuff…can’t afford losing it…

  6. hagen says:

    Thanks for mirroring, I have updated my links to your site.

  7. sergeyigorev says:

    Hello google